Jinsha y fifth middle school "12.9 artistic performance" activity safety plan

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类似|咪乐|直播平台 具体服务要求,律师事务所能够全程参与验收工作,并对P2P网贷机构的业务合规情况、验收过程中涉及的法律、法规、政策等问题出具专业法律意见。

To commemorate the 12.9th anniversary of 12.9 movement, shows the results of our school's quality education and the teachers and students of spirit, effectively promote the all-round development of students, further promoting the construction of a harmonious campus, arouse the teachers and students more love learning, love life, love the motherland emotion. Our school has decided to carry out the "12.9 literary and art exhibition" activities through the research and decision of the executive council. In order to ensure the smooth development of this activity, the following safety plans are formulated:

I. safety leading group.

Group leader: zhang Ben quan.

Deputy leader: wang xianyou xu jun.

Team member: lu yuan teng Chen li ning tan meng bo Lin xiao-xiao wang jianhua.

Tan guangqi each class director, school security and so on.

Nurse: Chen Ming.

II.Basic requirements for safe work.

1. The head teachers carefully organize and strictly check the customs. For all students participating in the activity, we should have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the health condition of the students.

2. We should do a good job in safety education for students. All class teachers are required to make safe education for the students before the activity.

3. All the students who participate in the activity should bring their own benches and get into the seats. No free access to the venue after the performance.

4, performance in the process, various classes, to organize the class discipline, director of education students during watching, according to the specified position seating, do civilized audience, to leave the meeting without the teacher in charge shall not, without consent. The head teacher should check the number of students in the class at any time.

5. After the performance, the head teacher, the school security personnel, the school doctor and the leader in charge of security must always hold the post, ready to deal with any possible injury or other safety problems. No one is allowed to enter the venue without permission.

6. Strengthen security in the field. The school security personnel, and is responsible for the security patrol, to strengthen the leadership of resolutely put an end to the parents of students to enter the meeting place or provoke social perssonel without fixed duties, ensure all the teachers and students for safety and ensuring the safety of activities smoothly.

7. After the performance, the head teacher should organize the students to leave the venue in an orderly manner and return to school according to the original route.

8. In the course of the performance, students will be treated by on-site medical personnel if there is any emergency such as disease. Deal with have difficulty, nearby urgent send hospital for cure.

9. The school medical room should prepare first aid medicine and apparatus in advance. If an emergency occurs during the performance, the group leader should take immediate and decisive measures to deal with it. If there is any difficulty in dealing with the emergency of medical first aid, call 120 immediately; In case of fire, call 119 immediately; In other aspects of the process, call 110 immediately.

10, during the performance, if appear all sorts of unpredictable emergency, will start the emergency contingency plans in a timely manner by the security team, organize students listen to a unified command of security team, an orderly evacuation on the specified path. Students who have not been evacuated in time should point out specific positions to rescue personnel so as to timely help them.

Jinsha wuzhong youth league committee, art group.

December 3, 2015.

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